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Blackburn EDZ BID Company Ltd
Newground, 193 Bolton Road,
Blackburn, Lancashire BB2 3GE
Tel: 01254 669058 Fax: 01254 682288

CCTV Surveillance


In order to increase and maintain security within the BID area, a part of the levy paid by the businesses is invested into CCTV surveillance and its maintenance. The cameras were first installed in 2007 and have had a positive effect in the BID area and contributed to an overall reduction in crime. In the first ten years of the BID, reported crime reduced by 64%.

The CCTV Network

A part of the BID Levy is used for a network of 30 CCTV cameras that are placed at strategic locations across the BID area which are maintained and monitored 24/7 at the local state of the art CCTV Monitoring Centre in Blackburn Town Centre. The levy also pays for the ongoing maintenance, repair and replacement of cameras as required. The system acts as a deterrent and provides evidence as and when crimes do occur. A map displaying the locations of the CCTV cameras within the BID area can be found below.

Mobile CCTV

In addition to the cameras, a mobile CCTV camera can be placed and moved around the BID area in places where there has been an increase in criminal activity. This enables those areas to be monitored more closely.



Map displaying the locations of the CCTV cameras in the EDZ BID area

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